- v0.21: Added an energy system. (
- v0.20: Trilight revamp, changed the way the game looks. And added a few new things including destruction and bucking.

A lot was changed. Not going into the details.

- v0.19: Added the NPC system (basic NPC movement and dialogue tweaks)
- v0.18: Added the dialogue system
- v0.17: Fixed most of the bugs reported

BETA update!
- v0.16: A lot of bug fixes
- v0.15: Added level switching
- v0.14: Added a basic tutorial level for the unicorns and the pegasi.
- v0.13: Almost finished the earth ponies gameplay (added sprinting, still looking into pushing heavy objects (bugged))
- v0.12: Finished the pegasi's gameplay (see the tutorial)
- v0.11: Added more GUI elements
- v0.10: Finished the unicorn's gameplay
NOTE: Sorry for the long delay, but I was looking into networking,
networking will NOT be implemented yet.

Fall weather friends update!
- v0.09: Introducing a simple GUI to see your selected pony
- v0.08: Fixed the annoying spiderman bug (again)
- v0.07: Improved some graphics
- v0.06: Completed most of the pegasai's gameplay
And added Rainbow Dash! So awesome!
NOTE: Pegasai can't jump as high as earth ponies and they can only float.

Cutie Mark Crusaders update!
- v0.05: Added weather effects. (currently snow and rain)
- v0.04: Completed most of the unicorn's gameplay
- v0.03: Added character switching
and added the rest of the cutie mark crusaders! Yay!
NOTE: You can now show/hide the console by pressing "c".

- v0.02: Fixed the "spiderman" bug, thanks for reporting this! ;)

- v0.01: First public alpha version.