Thursday, 22 September 2011

Buck em' up, AJ!

It's Applejack time! I've done a few Applejack improvements.

I've gotten quite a lot of comments about Applejack. I admit, she was't very helpful in the demo. But I got some great suggestions from the bronies.

- UltimaShadow7 suggested that AJ should be able to jump further when galloping a while ago.
This is now possible. Sorry, for the late implementation. Better late then never, right?

- I've also got quite a few suggestions that AJ should be able to buck objects and send them flying. This too is now possible. It took me a few hours, but I figured it out.

Some other improvements:
- The zombie was so stupid, you could actually prevent him from moving any further by spawning a magic box. He's now a bit smarter and he'll now destroy your magic boxes. I've also slowed him down, he was moving way too fast.

- Tweaked the magic sparkles animation so that you can now recognize the shape you're drawing.
(removed the gravity effect) -Thanks Firebane


And it's been a while since I last posted some code, so have my Buck() function. ;)
It activates when you press a button and a collision is found between AJ and a Dynamic BodyShape.

So for now, you can press "e" to enter buck mode. When a collision happens, she will buck the object and send it flying. After that, buck mode is disabled again

public function buck(e:ContactEvent):void {		
			trace("Pony Buck>>> Contact!");
			var theBody:BodyShape = e.other.m_userData as BodyShape;
			if(theBody.type == "Dynamic") {
				b2body.SetLinearVelocity(new V2(0 , b2body.GetLinearVelocity().y));
				enableMovement = false;
				movementState = MovementState.BUCKING;
				trace("Pony Buck>>> Body is dynamic, applying timer.");

				var myTimer:Timer = new Timer(850);
				myTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, runTimer);
			function runTimer(event:TimerEvent):void {
				trace("Pony Buck>>> Timer ended, now bucking.");
				var distance:Number = 25;
					distance = -25;
					distance = 25;
				theBody.b2body.ApplyImpulse(new V2(distance, -10), theBody.b2body.GetWorldCenter()); //BUCK IT UP!
				//Reset and stop timer, otherwise -> errors!
				removeEventListener(ContactEvent.BEGIN_CONTACT, buck);
				enableMovement = true;
				trace("Pony Buck>>> Not listening to contact anymore. Done bucking.");

The timer activates after 850ms, this is needed to make the push synchronize with the animation.

So that's it for now. Stay tuned for more information. ;)

Your Brony


  1. Thanks for taking my suggestion! I have a feeling this will be one of the best games to come out of the fanbase.

  2. I personally think Fiends from Dream Valley look better, but they have a whole development team.

    I'm just one guy. ;)

  3. I have always loved sorta creepy style games like this! The zombie pony reminds me a lot of Story of the Blanks. I'm ready for this to be done! I wanna play it!

  4. I really like your proposal, this is my portfolio:

    if you believe i can help you out in something just send me a message, other pony fan games has their own develop team, so i believe you should build one :)

  5. My suggestions?

    Well firstly, take your time dude. I'll take along wait for a legitimate fan-base game to come out. Quality matters, and already I'm blown away by this.

    Second, is the story. I like the original Nyx plot, of course it would be hard to work in with that fan-fic arc, but it can be done. Or go for a luna-nightmare moon ordeal, or even a discord one as well. Classic shit there. I also like the idea of revealing the story as you go, start the player off in the dark, and slowly reveal it to them.

    Third would be more interaction with the levels. High jumps, secret areas, and puzzle solving is where it's at. Maybe a race against the clock level?

    Lastly: Cut scenes? Tall order I know, but it could at 10 pounds to the game.

    My 2 cents.

  6. @Renzus: Thast's some amazing art. I'll be sure to contact you whenever I need some artwork done.

    @SJenk: Firstly, thanks. I'm glad you like it so far. But it's far from done. And I agree, quality matters and I hope to deliver quality over quantity.

    Second, I always like it when you're just dropped into the game not knowing what's going on. The story will reveal itself as you progress trough the levels.

    And third, there will be more puzzles in time. Maybe even mini-games. And it's certainly possible to create time-based levels.

    Lastly, funny that you mention it. I've already started experimenting with cut scenes. They aren't that difficult to make. They won't be pre-rendered, so I can even throw in a little interactivity such as dialogues and button bashing.

  7. @MichielDeMey Thanks!, i do most of my illustrations in Adobe Flash, so it may come in handy (to make it lighter) since you seem to be programming the game in ActionScript :P

  8. Yay!, I'm happy to have helped a little. ^^