Monday, 18 July 2011

Bugs and Features: Report #1

I've been up 'till 4am and I hardly had any sleep due to the massive amount of emails I had to go trough. But now that I've read most of them (I've received 2 new beta requests while writing this), I've made a list of current bugs and feature requests.

All of that after the break!


  • Add a "How To Play" to the game Will be part of the improved tutorial levels
  • Considering using a Brony font for the game
  • Rainbowdash is kind of useless for now, as suggested she will probably be able to carry boxes over large gaps. (Thanks Brandon!)
  • When galloping, AJ should be able to jump farther then if she were walking (Thanks UltimaShadow7)

Current bugs:

  • Improve the bridge
  • Pony hitbox seems to mirror randomly when changing to another Pony.
    (It's scary because it makes no sense.)
  • Overlapping frames on pony walking animations

Fixed bugs:

  • Game loses focus due to buttons on the gui (Thanks AnnikaKJohnson) FIXED
  • Fix the fps drop on the water wheel. FIXED (FINALLY!)
  • Improve the updraft from the wind SLIGHTLY IMPROVED
  • Holding "up" while floating shouldn't make you fall down To make puzzles interesting, she will fall down.
  • Prevent sliding on the platforms PARTIALLY FIXED
  • Need to improve shape detection. FIXED
  • Floating rarity (type set to static) when drawing FIXED
  • Rarity can jump infinitely when drawing a box under her
    (see: Thanks Storm Vision! FIXED
  • Jumping against a box is sometimes bugged. FIXED
  • Misspelled "Only" FIXED
  • It's kind of hard to get out of the pool FIXED
  • Improve the pony collision box (corners can grab you) FIXED
  • Improve jumping FIXED
  • Need to add a reset button in case you got jammed ADDED (Press R to respawn)
  • Revise dragging objects DRAGGING IS DISABLED FOR NOW.
  • Wheel can be pushed from it's hinge FIXED


  1. Well, Ill say the bug I reported, who else reported the same as me?
    1. Pointed out Only was mispelled twice.
    2.sliding, frictionless platforms
    3.dragging objects
    4.corners of objects grab you.

  2. Well I encountered a few of those problems also on the last level I encountered some very strange lag only on the wheel. And before I forget I have 1 small bug to report you can glitch yourself stuck on the wheel.

  3. I believe the lag is caused by the enormous friction of the water and the wheel. I'm looking into this now.

  4. mm, yeah. I did mention it was incredibly laggy on the first level, but it wasn't on just the wheel but the whole entire place.

  5. dang it, I meant last level. I'll stop filling up the board now...

  6. Well, that's enough bug fixing for me today.
    I'll be back tomorrow with more bug fixes. ;)

  7. Found two quick ones.

    If any character holds forward and runs to the waterwheel, they will float, but will still be walking.

    Box has some strange friction issues, including one where it will slide away (Happens if spawned over Rarity).

    When galloping, AJ should be able to jump farther then if she were walking.

  8. Also, for the waterwheel issue, it happens with the swinging platform as well.

  9. For those with fps issues around the waterwheel, I do find that playing in a smaller window makes a big difference--in a full-sized (roughly 1280x960, minus taskbar) browser window I get around 21 fps there, but in the 800x600 window I use for recording, I still manage 30 fps.

    I also find it a little easier to box-jump in the smaller window, but that's probably just a psychological thing.

  10. Hm, I guess diagonals producing boxes is a part of shape detection?

  11. The lag spike on the wheel was caused by the rendering of the vectors. Vector rendering is done by your CPU in Flash. (I wish Flash had GPU acceleration for 2D content as well).

    I simple used an image for the wheel now. This reduces quality a little, but significantly increases performance.

  12. Finally fixed the bug where you would lose focus from the game because you pressed a button on the GUI.