Sunday, 2 October 2011

Energy system [Preview]

Took me too long to post this, you can blame Battlefield 3 for that.

This time I've added an energy system to the game. Each pony has a certain amount of energy. Certain actions will drain the energy from your pony, such as sprinting, flying and drawing magic boxes. If your energy is below 100% it will automatically regenerate over time until your energy is full again.

This allows better cooperation between ponies. This also prevents the player from using the same pony too much. You will probably have to switch between ponies more often now and that's a good thing.

Screenshots below!


Yes, that's Trixie.
That's it for now. Stay tuned for more!
Now, back to playing Battlefield 3.

Your Brony


  1. Mad Trixie hype right now!
    How fast is the health regen exactly? You don't wanna make it too fast, but if it's too slow then the point has been missed.
    Also, will energy be the shared with health or will the two be separate?

  2. The regeneration can be adjusted, but for now it regenerates 0.5 points per frame and the game plays at approx. 30 frames per second. You currently have a maximum of 100 energy.

    I found these settings to work the best. It takes some time to regenerate completely, but in the meanwhile you can use another pony until the previous pony's energy is full again.

    To answer your last question: Energy and health are two separate things. Whilst you will be able to see your current energy (for tactical and practical reasons), you won't be able to see your current health. This is to improve the mysterious/creepy atmosphere as well as to reduce GUI clutter.

    And in this game you are mostly either alive or unconscious. ;)

    (Unconscious, meaning you can't "die" in this game. You will always respawn at the nearest spawnpoint when going "unconscious".)

  3. To quote Scootaloo, I'm liking this idea! It allows for that teamwork element to be there and the lack of a health meter definitely adds a fear factor. Since you don't know how much life you have, you'll be more worried about taking risks that could have rewards, but it's up to the player to decide.

  4. I also forgot to mention that the health is shared between all ponies.