Monday, 19 September 2011

Trilight Revamp [Demo]

Finally, after almost 2 months I'm ready to release my second demo to the public.

Some new features since my previous post:
- I've tweaked the movement a little so that you now move a little slower, thus you can jump less far.
- I've also adjusted some GUI elements to fit the new game art style.
- Added background music to increase the atmosphere.
- Added a preloader.
- Zombie pony experiment.


- Use the ARROW keys, WASD or ZQSD to move your pony.
- Use the scrollwheel or the numeric keys to switch between ponies.
- R key will reset your pony the the nearest spawnpoint. (doesn't work in fullscreen)
- ESCAPE will bring up the game menu.

- As a unicorn you can draw a box in the game. (best drawn from the upper left corner)


Performance suggestions:
- Best played on medium quality.
- Intended for a resolution of 800x600,
rescale your browser accordingly to increase performance.

The link to the demo: Clicky!

Let me know what you think.

Your Brony,


  1. More grimdark? I hope you don't take it too far. I must say though that the atmosphere is very compelling. Are you still making the story Past Sins related?

  2. Keep progress guys! I srsly love this game! The musik, the atmosphere, it reminds me about nightmares, I really love nightmare simulations! Specially with my faverit ponies! The demo wasn't hard but I'd like to see more sometime. And again lovely game!

  3. This very much gives out an eerie feeling and feels like limbo, which to me, is a very good sign. I liked it a lot, Though AJ needs something to make her useful at the moment. Barring that, Keep up with the progress!

  4. looking good form the current code set, however the collision code seems to be taking up a lot of processing time. when jumping (thus no longer in collision with something) the frame rate jumps a considerably noticeable amount.

    im unfamiliar with advanced Flash coding however i be leave their should be a way to limit the number of samples the codes taking on objects.

  5. This looks really interesting, keep it up!

  6. Really enjoyed the new revamp you decided on!

    The only glitch I encountered was getting stuck on the corner of the box when I held forward and jumped (running on air).

    Other than that, two suggestions...
    1. The box should stop moving after you're done pushing it. Right now it slides quite a good distance if you push it and stop.
    2. Galloping AJ should be able to push the box faster (as well as jump farther, but I already suggested that).

  7. The scroll-wheel to change characters didn't work, and I could only draw boxes with the third character selected. (The first one is also a unicorn, is it not? Should it work with either selected?)

  8. @Kixu: The first pony is Applejack, she's an earth pony and thus can't wield magic.

    @UltimaShadow7: I'm going to try and work on that.

    @Anon1: As for the story, I haven't decided yet. Past Sins really crossed my mind.

    @Anon2: Yes, the code is a bit messy at this point. I'll try to optimize it some more while I work on some tweaks.

  9. I thought the first pony was a unicorn as well... You should probably give them at least a tiny bit of colour and not have them be 100% silhouetted as they are. Her hat really does look like a horn there.

  10. Idea: Applejack can buck objects a longer distance than they could be pushed, such as over gaps, as well as break down certain obstacles! (Also, perhaps a lasting effect for the unicorn magic so we can see if our box looks...boxy?)

    Anyway, love the new style, really makes it a lot more compelling even as a demo. Not much change to the gameplay at the moment, but that's fine, aesthetic is important. :)

  11. wow! it will be a excellent suspense game =)
    respect to the authors