Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Trilight demo is a great success!

All the support from you bronies really gave me a moral boost to continue with the game. I love this community!

So, what's next for Trilight? Well, I'm currently working on a few new levels, including the Diamond Mines.

But before I start working on the new levels, I'm going to do some more game tweaks. There are still some minor issues to be taken care of.

And before I start posting screenshots, I'd like you guys to know that I'm not an expert at level design. So for now the levels will probably look a little "cheap". You can always help me out with that.


Everything is suddenly much easier when you can edit your levels on the fly in Flash.

I'd love to work some more with the community; so if you are an artist, writer, composer, level creator, ... whatsoever and you'd like to contribute something to the game, please do so. You can always mail to de.mey.michiel[at]gmail.com. Be it some piece of art, a great idea, maybe a story or some music.

Your Brony

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  1. I'd really love to design levels, but I have no experience using Flash.
    As for a story, I'll try to create something interesting since right now all I can think of is an alternate timeline where Nightmare Moon wasn't defeated. Haven't read Past Sins, so that whole plot is lost on me.