Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Development Preview [Demo]

Now that the Battlefield 3 beta has ended, I once again found some time to work on the game. Progress is going slow, but steady.

So, for my faithful blog readers I'm releasing a special demo.
In this demo I've polished the game some more and finished the energy system.

In the demo you will find:
Bucking (for Applejack): To use this, simply press 'e' to activate buck mode.
When in buck mode, walk against a buckable object (e.g. a magic box) and Applejack will buck it!
Destruction (for Applejack): The same as the above, but you can also stand right next to it to buck the object.
Energy system: Each time a pony does a special action such as bucking or creating magic boxes, the pony's energy bar will deplete. Your energy will replenish itself over time.
- Added and revised the original "playground" map to match the current Trilight art.
Reduced size by streaming the background music rather then embedding it in the flash file.

The demo is public, so feel free to share the link with other bronies that might be interested!

And as always, feedback is always welcome!
Got an idea, found a bug, want to make a suggestion? Feel free to comment.

Your Brony


  1. Bug Report
    -Can run into boxes and stick in the air infinitely as long as you keep holding forward (same with the water wheel)
    -Sometimes jumping onto the swing will result in you getting stuck INSIDE it, was able to escape by switching to Rainbow Dash
    -The aforementioned glitch happens when you jump onto the bridge from a high height, but in this case I found no escape (ie. had to restart)
    -One time I fell right through the bridge when I jumped from a high height
    -You can stick to the swing platform in the water wheel area by running into the corner (seems to only happen when they are moving, but this time you don't have to press anything to stay there

  2. Suggestions
    -Lower the amount of energy spent on galloping, I feel like it takes it away far too fast. Not saying to make in infinite, but right now it's not worth wasting the energy
    -Mostly aesthetic, but remove the patch of land when you ride the water wheel all the way. You fall through right through it, so just make it water
    -The rope swing should come to a stop faster. At times it feels as if it will move forever if you get it going fast enough

    Other than this, I love it. I can't wait to see some sort of puzzle that involves bucking boxes or a chase section where you have to get energy restore items to keep galloping.

  3. My experience with Chrome was strange. Keys wouldn't work. I figured maybe 1-3 would switch characters (no mouse wheel) and it did for a while. After the first 'No, what have you done?' I could no longer switch characters. This consistently happened. A few restarts even 1-3 didn't work. AJ couldn't gallop either.

    I switched to Firefox and didn't have this issue.

    The first swinging platform over the water feels like it has no weight to it and a pony jumping onto it has little effect on it. It seems unnatural that it should just slide underneath me and allow me to fall into the water. It took over seven tries to get it right (I skipped it the second time with Rainbow Dash)

    I know this is just a demo, but the last message 'Finish on the Other side' wasn't clear. Then again, the first time I reached it I only had AJ. You didn't introduce RD's flight but that helped me reach the end.

  4. This is mostly an aethestic issue, but for me in Firefox, the background messages like "This is my fault!" trigger very late, so that by the time the message appears I've already moved most of it offscreen and I have to turn around and go back to read it. Maybe move the triggering area to the front of the message, or a foggy effect obscuring it so people know to slow down and look there?

  5. At the part where AJ should buck i used the Trixie box and jumped on it after wich i switched to RD and then jumped on the rock after wich i went back to Trixie, jumped over the rock and it ported me, after that Trixie was bugged, the character just looked like it was walking right but wasnt moving and i couldnt move, jump or do anything with that char, even by switching out if i went back on that char i couldnt move or create boxes. I finished the game with no other noticable bugs other than Trixie being bugged from that moment to the end of the game.

  6. Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here! Whoops. Well.

    I'm running Chrome, and had no problem with controls.
    I also got stuck inside the rope bridge by the water wheel, by falling with Rainbow Dash.
    I was able to replicate Sandemic's bug by changing characters right as they were teleported - I changed from RD to Trixie, and RD broke.

    Hope all is well!